At Denzil Don Kindergarten, we believe that childhood is a unique time of life to be valued and enjoyed in its own right, when foundations are laid for future health, learning and well being.

Our Background

In 1947, Denzil Don, the Mayor of Brunswick, held a meeting at his home to discuss the need for a kindergarten in the southwest ward of Brunswick.  The need was obvious and a committee of parents and interested members of the community was formed to develop this kindergarten.  Due to the generous cooperation of the Brunswick City Council and interested community members, the kindergarten commenced its operation 1951.

Our Philosophy

Denzil Don Kindergarten Philosophy

Our Staff

As qualified educators of young children we are a professional, relective and united team respectful of our centre, colleagues and kindergarten community. 

We value:

  •  positive relationships with children and parents based on trust and mutual respect

  • individual backgrounds and unique culture and customs of families

  • new pedagogical development