Types of bets on CS: GO

As we said, the essence of CS: GO is simple. Two teams of 5 people fight each other on several maps. A standard match lasts 16 rounds: 8 for terrorists and counter-terrorists. There are different formats of tournaments, but most often playoff matches are up to 2 wins (bo3), and the grand finals are up to 3 wins (bo5).

The simplest form of cs go bets is for the winning team. You can choose the strongest team over the entire distance or choose for each card separately. Depending on the platform on which you will bet, additional options may appear.

There are 2 formats for displaying them – American and decimal. In our region there is only a decimal version, thanks to which you can calculate the total amount of winnings. The American format shows the amount of net profit.

Welcome to Denzil Don Kindergarten

Denzil Don Kindergarten is a vibrant, not-for-profit, community-run kindergarten in Brunswick West.

We see all children as competent, capable and active participants in the world. 

Our play-based curriculum fosters children’s natural curiosity and desire to engage in experiences based on their interests, strengths and developing skills It supports the development of socially competent learners, able to face challenges and create solutions as they grow and make sense of the world. 

Denzil Don Kindergarten has a commitment to child safe standards. 


Denzil Don Kindergarten offers a range of high quality early learning programs for children aged 18 months to 6 years.
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Denzil Don Kindergarten offers a play-based curriculum led by a dedicated team of early childhood teachers and educators. 



Find out about your child’s eligibility, the kindergarten fees and how to enrol your child at DDK.
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