The Enrolment Process

  • Denzil Don Kindergarten is not a part of Merri-bek central enrolments.
  • Although Denzil Don Kindergarten is not zoned, we do have a Priority of Access criteria; (1) children who meet the government Priority of Access criteria, (2) children accessing a second year of 4-year-old kinder and children currently attending our 3-year-old program (applies to the 4-year-old waitlist only), (3) children with a sibling that attended Denzil Don Kindergarten, (4) children residing in Merri-bek ordered by proximity to the kinder, and (5) children from other Council’s, ordered by proximity to the kindergarten. This means your child’s position on the waitlist is not static and will change if children meeting a higher priority of access register. You can learn more about the enrolment process, by reading our Enrolment Policy here.
  • To place your child on the waitlist for 3-year-old kindergarten, please click here. To be eligible, your child must turn three before 30 April in the year you wish to enrol them. Please note, children cannot commence in the program until the first session after their third birthday. For families with a child turning three in January, February, March or April, we encourage you to click here to read our advice on the best time to start your child on their education journey. We recommend waiting until the following year – when they are four – to register them for 3-year-old kinder. 
  • To place your child on the waitlist for 4-year-old kindergarten, please click here. To be eligible, your child must turn four before 30 April in the year you wish to enrol them. 
  • Please be aware, at the beginning of the year, we do have a short Orientation incorporating a Family-Teacher meeting and one shorter session with half the class. Orientation generally takes two weeks meaning fulltime hours (including AKC) start on week 3 of term 1. Please also understand that the first two days of term are allocated as child-free days for set-up by the VECTEA (our workplace agreement) which also impacts the start to full-time hours.
  • To see all we offer, we encourage families with a child eligible to commence no earlier than the following year to come visit our centre for a tour. We offer tours from term 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm. Please call the kindergarten office or send an email to reserve a time.
  • Offers of a Place are sent in late July. Within the Offer of a Place you have the opportunity to select your preferred group. Groups are allocated based on the return of all the required paperwork and other considerations. We do our best to offer families their first preference but this is not always possible.

For any further questions about the enrolment process, please email or call the office on 9380 8420.


At Denzil Don Kindergarten we offer three free 3-year-old programs ranging from 12-hours to 15-hours AND four free 4-year-old programs of 15-hours. 

Free kindergarten helps all Victorian children access two years of a high-quality kinder program before they start school. Free kinder is for everyone; you do not need to be an Australian citizen to be eligible to receive free kinder.

We do offer After Kinder Care (AKC) for families requiring additional hours outside of the free program. AKC is not part of free kinder and therefore incurs a fee. You can read more about AKC here.

A fee of $25 applies to register your child on the waitlist.