After Kinder Care (AKC) 

About the program

AKC is offered to support families who need longer hours for their children.

Given children attending are often tired after a big day at kinder, AKC has a slower pace. Just like our regular programs, activities are planned around the interests of the children attending, but we also provide opportunities for the children to rest, tend to the garden and engage at a ‘slower pace’ if that’s what they need.

AKC is led by Denzil Don Kinder educators and planned by an early childhood teacher.


Sessions can be booked casually (ad-hoc) or permanently (for the whole term). Permanent sessions are $13.50/ hour, casual $15/ hour. Permanent bookings receive priority of place.

How to book

Permanent bookings: we will reach out to all families two weeks prior to term end to seek registration for the following term. Permanent bookings will be invoiced in full and must be paid prior to the first session your child attends.

Casual bookings: can be made up to 2-hours prior to a session. Children must be registered casually prior to attendance. Terms of use are available on the booking form.

All sessions are capped at 15 children