How do we keep you informed about what is happening at kindergarten?
Fortnightly Newsletter

A group-specific mini-newsletter is sent fortnightly. The newsletter provides information such as what is coming up in the classroom, community news, events and family support, administrative updates, and more. It includes the link to the latest class journal and program.

To keep up to date with what is happening and what is coming up, it is imperative you read the newsletter. It is sent via Mailchimp so check your junkmail if you are not receiving the newsletter. 

What is the Program?

The program details what is being focussed on in the program, why, and how. It also lets you know what is coming up.

What is the journal?

The journal is written by your child’s teacher and provides insight into your child’s fortnight at kinder.

The journal and program are shared via a hidden and password-protected page of our website. Only the parents/guardians in your child’s group will be given access to the page and password. The password will be provided at the Family-Teacher meeting however if you ever forget or lose the password, please email Natalie, our Centre Coordinator. 

How can you communicate with your child’s teacher?

It may be possible to talk to your child’s teacher before or after the session however, for matters that require more time or are sensitive, please make time for a one-on-one discussion. This can be arranged via the office or with the teacher directly. Please note, when teachers are in session, they cannot take phone calls however the Centre Coordinator and office staff are there to support including relaying messages if required.

Mid-year Summative Assessment Parent-Teacher Meetings

A family-teacher summative assessment meeting is held at the end of term 2/beginning of term 3. At this meeting, your child’s teacher will discuss their development and growth over the first six months of kinder, share their work, and set goal(s) for the remainder of the year.

Why we don’t use an App for communication

We prioritise being present and having real interactions with the children – observing their play and listening to their interests which we can then incorporate into the program. Using an App takes away the educators ability to do so. Families are always welcome to view and provide feedback on the Observations the educators take. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to do so.