Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start kindergarten? 

3-year-old (3yo) kindergarten: your child must turn 3 on or before 30 April in the year they are to attend kindergarten.

4-year-old (4yo) kindergarten: your child must turn 4 on or before 30 April in the year they are to attend kindergarten.

When are offers of a place sent for 2023?

Around 31 of July via email.

What is the timetable for next year?

Our timetable is reviewed annually, in collaboration with incoming families. Please visit the Our Programs page of the website for updates.

Are there fees for my child to attend kindergarten?

Yes. The government provides per capita funding for each child attending kindergarten. The remaining costs are met via term fees. Please visit the Our Programs page for information on fees. Families eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (KFS) do not pay term fees. Please visit here to see if your family is eligible.

My child is attending the 3yo program at Denzil Don Kindergarten, will they receive an offer in the 4yo program? 

Yes, all children enrolled in our 3yo program will receive an offer for 4yo kindergarten.

Can my child do two years of 3-year-old kindergarten?

3yo kindergarten is now part-funded by the government meaning families can no longer elect for their child to attend a second year. From 2022, all children will transition from 3yo to 4yo kindergarten. If your child’s 4yo teacher considers they would benefit from a second year of 4yo, they will meet with you to discuss this.

My child has additional needs. How will you support their learning and development?

Open communication between families and your child’s teaching team is vital to ensure they understand the developmental and/or medical needs of your child, and the support they require. We will work in collaboration with external agencies that are supporting your child, ensuring a consistent approach. Children with additional needs may be eligible for additional support such as equipment specific to their needs, or an additional assistant through KIS Funding. Your child’s teacher will discuss these options with you, should they consider them relevant.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend kindergarten?

There is no expectation that your child is toilet trained before starting kinder, however, we ask that you let us know if they will require toileting support. If your child is unable to use the toilet independently, we ask that they wear pull-ups (rather than nappies) to kinder as this will aid their transition to underwear and using the toilet. We encourage families to use the summer before kinder starts as an opportunity to encourage toilet training, particularly if your child is showing signs of interest and readiness. We will work with you to support your child’s development to promote a positive outcome.

How many children are in a group? 

3yo: a maximum of 20 children (reducing to 18 in 2023).

4yo: a maximum of 22 children.

All groups are led by an early childhood teacher, supported by an educator (teacher support).

What incursions and excursions will my child participate in? 

From term 2, all groups participate in the Sports4Kinders program once a week. Other incursions we have offered include Bushland Biodiversity, The Flying Bookworm, Road Safety, and more. Incursions and excursions are reviewed annually.

How can families participate in the program?

There are many ways! Spending time helping in the program, donating materials, volunteering your skills (for example, coming in to play an instrument, sharing a love of cooking or gardening), being part of the Committee of Management, and helping with working bees or kinder events.