Frequently Asked Questions

My child is attending the 3yo program at Denzil Don Kindergarten, will they receive an offer in the 4yo program?

Yes, all children enrolled in our 3yo program will receive a 4yo kindergarten offer.

Can my child access two years of 3-year-old kindergarten?

As 3yo kindergarten is fully-funded by the government, families cannot elect for their child to attend a second year. All children accessing a 3yo program will transition to the 4yo program the following year. If your child’s 4yo teacher considers they would benefit from a second year of 4yo kindergarten, they will meet with you to discuss this.

My child has additional needs. How will you support their learning and development?

Open communication between families and your child’s teaching team is vital to ensure they understand your child’s developmental and/or medical needs and the support they require. We will collaborate with external agencies supporting your child to ensure a consistent approach. Children with additional needs may be eligible for additional support, such as equipment specific to their needs, or an additional assistant through KIS Funding. Your child’s teacher will discuss these options with you should they consider them relevant.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained to attend kindergarten?

There is no expectation that your child is toilet trained before starting kinder, however, we ask that you let us know if they will require toileting support. If your child is unable to use the toilet independently, we ask that they wear pull-ups (rather than nappies) to kinder as this will aid their transition to underwear and using the toilet. We encourage families to use the summer before kinder as an opportunity to encourage toilet training, particularly if your child is showing signs of interest and readiness. We will work with you to support your child to promote a positive outcome.

What incursions and excursions might my child participate in?

From term 2 onwards, all groups will participate in the Sports4Kinders program once a week. Other incursions we have previously offered include Bushland Biodiversity, The Flying Bookworm, Road Safety, Responsible Pet Program and more. 

What can I bring to celebrate my child’s birthday at kinder?

We understand some families like to celebrate their child’s birthday at kindergarten however, due to allergies, we request that no food is brought to kinder to share. Fun and safe suggestions include stickers, stamps, bubbles, pencils and pens, badges, party hats, masks and/or books. Please note, balloons and glitter are bad for our animals and environment so please avoid bringing them.

How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?

It may be possible to quickly talk to your child’s teacher before or after session however, for matters requiring more time, please make a time for a longer discussion. You can arrange this via the office, or with your child’s teacher directly.

Please note, when teacher’s are in session, they cannot take phone calls however the office staff are available to support where possible, or relay messages if required.

What do I do if my child is unwell?

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell. As a courtesy, please let us know if they will be absent by calling the office or emailing the Centre Coordinator

Can anyone collect my child?

No child can leave the centre with another person unless that person is a nominee and a parent/guardian has provided consent. This is for the safety of all children attending Denzil Don Kindergarten. Please read our Delivery and Collection of Children policy for further clarification.

How do I add a nominee to my child’s enrolment form?

You can add a nominee to your child’s record by filling our a Nominee Form here

What are the office hours?

Office hours are 9am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday. The office phone number is 9380 8420.

How can I order a hat for my child?

You can order a hat via our online order form here. Once ordered, the hat will be given to your child’s teacher and then passed on to you or your child.

What is the latest I can book my child into After Kinder Care (AKC)?

After Kinder Care (AKC) runs until 5:30pm.

How can I register my child for AKC?

The first step in registering your child for a casual session of AKC is to fill in a registration form here. Once registered, you can book your child into a session by emailing at least two hours prior to the session you wish your child to attend. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking. Please note, all sessions are capped at 15 children so there is no guarantee that a place will be available.